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iDetic's Sample Management System is the solution to your inventory, productivity, budget, and turnaround time problems.

Your employees...

Will love never having to hunt down tubes like they’re needles in a frozen haystack.

Your boss...

Will love the budget after huge productivity gains without expensive automation equipment.

Your clients...

Will love their new and improved turn around time with fewer support requests.


Will love it when you start getting home early instead of staying late fighting fires.

Why iDetic?

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iDetic in Action

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Simple and Cost Effective Storage

It starts with storing your tubes in our patented 100 slot stackable smart racks designed for high efficiency in walk-in coolers and freezers…

Stackable Freezable Rack and Slot ID's Maximize Efficiency
….or in our high density 50 slot racks that are perfect for standalone coolers and freezers…
Stackable Freezable Rack and Slot ID's Maximize Storage Carrying Tray

and then placing them on our iDetic Scanning Station

Touch Screen Interface Stainless Steel Design Saves Space

Never Hunt for Tubes Again

…and within a few seconds each tube is linked to its unique rack and slot.  You can locate tubes through our app or by linking your existing reports / LIS with our secured API.

Eliminating Missed Testing Improves Turnaround Time

It also highlights tubes with missed tests, exceptions, or other information you find valuable. Your turn around time will shine when issues are managed in real time instead of waiting for manual reviews or automation equipment!

Never Run Out of Storage Space

When extra freezer space is needed simply select each smart rack pending discard and a picklist will be generated of all incomplete tubes! You’ll never need to keep tubes longer than necessary again.

Save Money by Eliminating 1:1 Scanning

iDetic can be interfaced with your existing applications to transform processes that require scanning tubes individually to scanning by the rack!

Monitor and Compare Employee Productivity

With this kind of data at your fingertips, it’s not only easy to track your inventory but your employee productivity as well!

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The iDetic Team

Will Thomason


Will obtained his bachelor’s from the University of Georgia, MBA from Emory University, and started his career in 2010 at QualTex Laboratories. As their head of I.T. he quickly learned to blend the complexities of the laboratory with the latest technology. He was responsible for implementing the most cutting edge automation equipment, including two Abbott Tracks, six Roche P512’s, four Beckman OLA’s, and numerous LIS systems such as Instrument Manager, Surround, Starlims, and more. Unsatisfied with the gaps that remained despite so much automation, he gathered the brightest minds in hardware and software development and iDetic was born.

Hilario Urquieta


Hilario finished his studies with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas and MS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Ever since Hilario has been honing his full stack development and architecture skills in the workforce. Before Co-founding iDetic he mastered the latest relevant development and database technologies through the successful deployment of countless enterprise grade applications. He has experience building interfaces with the most popular BECS/LIS systems on the market such as ePro, Haemonetics Surround/El Dorado/DMS/NexLync/NextGen, Starlims, Instrument Manager, BBCS, SCC, Epic, and many more.

Robbie Ufford


Robbie has successfully launched multiple start up companies including OnAir Networks, Sivix, Vypin, Trackblue, and his own manufacturing company M.A.D. House before Co-founding iDetic. He has senior level experience in 3D prototyping, CNC machining, injection molding, operations, logistics, and continues to keep up with the latest in design trends. His engineering background allowed him to quickly design and source our patented, stackable, smart rack along with creating several other key pieces for the cameras and scanning stations that make iDetic possible. Besides Engineering, Robbie also has a background in Operations and Marketing management.